The Importance Of Thread Count

Thread count, with the exception of budget, should be the most important feature of your sheets. The number of threads woven into each square of fabric makes up the count. Because the fabric is more tightly woven, sheet sets with a higher count will have added longevity, and will withstand more washings and activity. They will also have a soft, silky, luxureous feel to them that is not found in lower thread count sheet sets. The best of all worlds is a high thread count Egyptian cotten sheet. Egyptian cotton is made only from the Egyptian Nile Valley, and is renowned for it’s softness and durability. Sateen sheet sets undergo a special process where the threads are weaved lengthwise to add a shimmer to the sheets.

They are also extremely soft and durable. These high thread count sheets have long been thought to be only for the very wealthy, but thanks to the internet we have more choices and prices available than ever before, so if you’ve never expierenced the luxury of a high thread count sheet now is the time to try them. You’ll be able to experience for yourself how a high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set really feels. The added softness and durability of these fine linens won’t let you down, and the added longevity will be a pleasant surprise.

Tips To Get It Right With Voucher Printing

Small businesses are always looking for ways through which they can improve their sales. Marketing is very important and there are different strategies which can be applied to make it all happen for the business in question. Vouchers are some of the best tools you can use to increase your business sales. People love gifts and vouchers are definitely appreciated across the board, regardless of what kind of business you are running. They also create a great avenue for your business to reach out to new audiences. You however must ensure that the vouchers are printed in the best way to fetch the desired value for your business.

Reflect your brand with the design

This is one of the most important considerations to make when printing your vouchers. They should be appealing to sell more and you should consider them as brand collateral extensions. The voucher design should be appealing and enticing enough even when sitting on a wallet or a bag making your customers find a need to redeem it.

Consider the presentation

How you present the voucher can determine how appealing it turns out to be. Some can be handed directly to the customers while other might require some sort of housing in a card or wallet form. The housed vouchers tend to be better in terms of presentation since they add value to the vouchers and they ensure that they remain safe and secure from damage until it is time to redeem them. Customers will always be moved by gifts that are presented in a nice appealing way so make important considerations to enjoy the best results.

Keep the standards high

You could be offering vouchers as gifts, but this does not mean compromising on the quality. When printing, therefore, ensure that the end result will have a way of inspiring confidence in your customer and not end up looking like a low cost gift that holds no value. This is where selecting a good printing company comes into the picture to ensure that even the vouchers are of high standard. You can include holograms to instill a feeling of security with your vouchers which translates into confidence in what they are getting.

Consider the expiry date

This should be remembered when printing the vouchers. On one hand, a short validity period can stir a feeling of urgency in making a purchase while on the other an extended period gives your customers enough time to decide on their purchases. Always choose the option you feel has the potential to fetch you the desired results with your sales. The secret should be to ensure that the voucher gets used in the end.

Keep the vouchers secure

Security features during printing are important to ensure the vouchers are not easy to replicate. It can be quite a loss for you if the vouchers end up getting copied. Choose features that set your vouchers apart making them uniquely identifiable. This is the only way you can retain their value to your customers.

How to Reach Your Revenue Goal: Planning for 2015

There’s a problem with the way many business owners plan their revenue and sales goals.

They say something to the effect of “I want to make more than last year” or “I want a bigger profit percentage than last year”.

Great. Don’t we all?

The issue is that there’s no specificity. How much more? What profit percentage?

Just like the old GPS analogy… you can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are. You also can’t get there if you don’t know where “there” is.

When planning your revenue (and/or profit) goals, it’s helpful to have a few numbers handy. For purposes of this article, we’ll focus on revenue from sales of your primary product or service.

You’ll want to gather the following information in order to plan for your 2015 revenue:

* Your 2014 revenue from sales
* Your total number of paying clients for 2014
* The total number of programs, products and services sold in 2014
* How much more you want to make in 2015 than you did in 2014

Let’s pretend our answers to the above are:

* $265,000 in 2014 revenue from sales
* 54 paying clients
* 12 total programs, products and services sold in 2014
* $35,000 additional revenue from sales you wish to create in 2015

Divide your total sales revenue by total number of clients to get your average revenue per client

You now have two choices:

1. Decide you want all your new 2015 revenue to come from new clients. In which case you take the amount more that you want to create ($35,000 in our example) and divide it by the average 2014 revenue per client ($4900 in our example or 4th bullet from above divided by #1 from above). This totals 7 new clients in our example.

Before nodding your head saying “yep, new clients”, stop and think about what that entails from a lead generation, marketing and time/energy cost standpoint. Then… since all these clients won’t be starting with you in January, add some more of them. The longer it takes to bring them in, the more you need to bridge the gap to how much more revenue you want to create. This means our “7″ new clients could be 10, 15 or more.

While we’re stopping this exercise here, truth is, the number of “new” customers you need depends also on your conversion rate from strangers to opt-ins and opt-ins/leads to paying clients. If you speak with 50 people for every 1 new client, you’ll need to have a lead generation plan in place which brings in 350 people in order to welcome 7 new clients or 750 people for 15 new clients.

2. Offer more items (or more of the same items if appropriate) to existing customers. What if, instead of spending $4900 with you like in 2014, 5 of your existing clients spend $9900 with you in 2015. 5 clients x $5000 in new sales revenue = $25,000 additional. Now instead of 7 new clients, you only need 2 -3 to make up the additional $10,000 for your desired $35,000 in new revenue.

Reality is that your business requires (and will have) a mix of both existing and new clients and customers. This requires you to create not only a lead generation plan to bring in new customers, but also an Extreme Client Care(tm) or relationship marketing plan to keep existing clients, discover what they want and need most and find a way to offer it to them.

Once you know your numbers, it’s time to put together an action plan to achieve them. Your action plan allows you to plan your quarters, weeks, months and days such that you consistently take the actions necessary to achieve your goals.